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Yoga Class
Ms. Jodi Smith
Our wonderful KIPP CONNECT students really love Yoga and their ability to express themselves through movement! Since we started in August, they have learned several breathing exercises, numerous poses and have melted into their mats for guided relaxation.  It is amazing to see their faces light up when they are learning and doing poses; those smiles are priceless!  Through these poses, our little KIPPsters are learning how to breathe, stretch, focus, and concentrate. Through yoga our students are building strength, balance and flexibility in a safe and fun environment. Some of their favorite poses are tree, updog, downdog, sunrise and sunset.  Sometimes we use music to go through particular poses.  For example, for the Sun Salute pose series, we use a song called, "Dance for the Sun" and for our Candle Breathing, we use “Candle Breath”. Other times they get to make up new poses and their creativity really shines through in what they come up with.  But, my favorite part comes after relaxation, when I ask them how they feel and they tell me "happy, calm, relaxed, amazing and peaceful!"  We still have many poses to learn, many activities, songs and adventures to go through on our yoga mat, and I know little seeds are being planted in them so they grow into strong, kind and CONNECTed human beings.
If you have any questions, contact Ms. Jodi Smith:
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