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Physical Education

Coach Miguel Fernandez
At KIPP CONNECT we embrace every aspect of fine arts to fully prepare them for inside and outside the classroom. In physical education, we know that it is essential for our KIPPsters to take part in exercise activities and sports. These exercise activities help our kids grow an interest in exercising, a huge benefit for their health as children and later as adults. They learn cognitive skills that is a necessity for them to accomplish daily activities or if they are interested in pursuing a passion for a hobby, like a sport.
The sports help and embrace our school HEART value of together. Sports teach our CONNECTors to be part of a team and how to work together to accomplish a goal. Our Physical Education class focuses a lot on introducing and molding a lot of real-life traits they need to become well-rounded people. Part of that also focuses on teaching them how the body works, so they not only take part in the activities, but they also know what exactly is going on during the action.  It is a real pleasure and fills my HEART to see our CONNECTors thoroughly enjoy themselves while exercising at the same time.
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