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To apply to the 2020-21 school year, your child must be at least three years of age (for Pre-K Lottery) or five years of age (for Kindergarten Lottery) on or by September 1, 2020 for Texas families.  


To be included in Lottery, applications must be submitted online, or at a campus. After Lottery, we enroll students on an ongoing basis, as seats are available.  


 Do you have more questions about the lottery for a seat at a KIPP Houston school? Please contact us at or 281-879-3051.


If the number of children interested in a specific grade at a KIPP CONNECT Houston Primary exceeds the number of seats available for that grade, names are drawn through a random automated lottery process, and families will be notified of their admission status soon afterwards. Additionally, families can log into their SchoolMint account to see the status.


If there are not enough open seats available, children will be placed on a waitlist. If and when seats become available at each KIPP school, we will notify families in the order of where they are on the waitlist.

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