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Mr. Zachary Edwards - Music Teacher
Here at KIPP CONNECT, my goal is for our KIPPsters to not only gain knowledge about music, but to experience it and enjoy it--to make music a permanent part of their lives. The students that enter my classroom will “sing, say, dance, and play” their way to musical literacy. While musical training is a worthy goal in itself and stands alone as a core part of a well-rounded education, I intend for these young musicians to also gain cross-curricular knowledge, cognitive skills, and character traits that will help make them better people.
Established in the fall of 2015, the KIPP CONNECT HEART Ensemble is KIPP CONNECT Primary’s choir and performing musical ensemble. This school year, the HEART Ensemble is coming back bigger and better to provide the school and community with a variety of musical performances.
When we put our HEARTs into making music, it can give back some truly meaningful and unforgettable moments. To quote the famous rock and roll singer, Bono, "music can change the world because it can change people."
If you have any questions, contact Mr. Zachary Edwards:
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